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Do all of the races score points in the series?
Yes, all races earn runners points in the series. 

How do you earn points in the series?

All races are scored evenly, regardless of the distance.  The top male and female runners get 100 points.  All the other runners get a certain amount of points based on their finishing time in relation to the winner's (of their gender).  The closer a runner is the the leader, the higher their score is.  Each runner's top 4 races are scored at the end of the series to get their best number score.  A runner of each gender (and in each age category) who has the most points after the last race in the series wins.  If a runners does 5 races, only their top 4 scores are counted, and so on.

Do I get something for doing all the races in the series?  What other awards are given?
Yes!  If you do all five races, you get a special commemorative award. For more about series awards and race awards, please see our Series Info page.

Aren't longer races harder?  Shouldn't they be worth more points?

As far as "distance" being a measurement of how hard a race is, I think that is relative.  Shorter distance means you can runner harder and faster.  I agree that both races at any given event might not be equally competitive, but they have the potential to be and we have no way of anticipating what distance will be more competitive in any given event.  As the series grows in entrants, both race distances will become more competitive.  

Why not do a "Long Series" and a "Short Series"?
For simplicities sake, runners can chose either distance race and are scored against both distances.  It's just too much work this year to do both and to offer that many prizes- it's double the work and double the prizes!  (24 prizes and two days of work after each race).  Separating the distances in the scoring means a lot more work and a lot more money for prizes from our sponsors.  The series is still growing and someday we might just offer one distance per race or get even more support from sponsors so that we can have two series (long and short).  For this year we wanted the distance options for runners at each event, but we didn't want to have two Series. 

Doesn't this mean that the fastest runner might not win the series?
Yes, that is definitely a possibility.  The series points scoring is not necessarily about who is the fastest, who can run the farthest, or who is the best athlete.  It is about strategy and running multiple races solidly.  It is one of the situations in racing that someone who is upper-mid-pack can win if they stick to it, especially if you score more races.  That's what's so cool about it!  Especially in a series first few years when all the races might not be very competitive.  To award the winners of each race, we give them handmade mugs.  They have worked hard to win and deserve accolade, but winning the series is a whole different game.

Why have tie breakers?  Why not just award two prizes in these cases?
Our prizes are made in advance and custom designed and crafted. We only allow for one winner.

I injured myself before a race and couldn't run it, can I get a refund?
We do not offer refunds for a few reasons.  First off, it is a lot of work and is very time consuming to deal with people who need refunds.  Second, there are a number of expenses for each race that we cannot recover when someone does not show up at the race.  We must buy the post race food and pay for permits based on certain numbers of runners (to name only a few!).  Thanks for understanding.    If you let us know at least 10 days in advance of the race that you won't be able to attend, then we can transfer your entry to another race in the series, with a 1 year limit to the amount of time you can take to transfer.   

Can I transfer my entry to another race in the series?
Yes, if you give us at least 10 days notice before the event you are transferring from. Email the race director at to inform us if you won't be running.

Can I transfer my entry to another runner?
No.  We do not offer this option.

Do I get free entry for volunteering at a BTRS race?
Yes, you get free entry in a BTRS race. Email to sign up for free after you have volunteered. 

Can I bring a volunteer and get free entry into a race?
Yes, you can.  You must let me know ahead of time that you would like to bring a volunteer for free entry so that I can make sure there are still volunteer positions open and plan accordingly. 100% free entry is offered to volunteers (or their runners) when they volutneer the entire race. 50% off is offered for all other volunteering.

I volunteered for a race, how do I get my free entry?
Email to get the coupon code to sign up for the race of your choosing. You will not be able to signup until the race registration is open.

Will the course be marked?
Yes, we will mark the course very well with ribbons and signs, but there is always the possibility that someone will tamper with markers, that you might run past a key turn, or that you might still come to an intersection where you are unsure how to proceed. You are responsible for knowing the course. Please study the website and maps for your particular race. We recommend that you even print out the map and bring it with you on race day.  Studying the maps can keep you from getting off course on race day!

Are walkers allowed in the BTRS races?
In some cases they are.  We recommend doing the shorter version of the races as some of the longer ones would just take too long. Please check out each race's cut off times to determine if you can finish walking or not. If you do not make the cut off you will need to ride back to the finish with the volunteers.
Is it possible that some of the races will not happen that are on the schedule for the BTRS?
All races that have opened registration will happen!  There is always the very slim possibility of unforeseen natural disasters, extreme weather, fire, or other extenuating circumstances that could cancel a race.

When will the ________ (fill in the blank) race open for registration? All races should be open for registration by Jan 1, 2015. 

I ordered a shirt, but didn't make it to the race, can I still get my shirt?
You are responsible to pick up your shirt at the race.
We do not mail shirts, hoodies, or other merchandise.

How do I stay up-to-date on the BTRS?
You can follow us a variety of ways: