Race Policies

Race Policies & Frequently Asked Questions

Please understand that it is a risk to pre-register for a race. You may get injured, change your mind, or decide to attend a wedding instead.  We do not give refunds or transfer your entry to another runner. 

Special Treatment
Please don't ask for special treatment. We treat all athletes equally. We would like to continue to offer runners who inform us within 4 weeks of an event that they will not be able to attend a "transfer option," however we will be unable to do so if our policies are not respected.

Transfer 50% of Race Fee to Another Destination Trail Race
To get a transfer, you will need to email the Race Director 4 weeks or more before the event you registered for. Transfers that are accepted will allow you to transfer 50% of your entry fee paid to another Destination Trail Event. Transfers are not possible until the race registration opens for the event you want to transfer into. Once the race of choice is open (or if it is already open) we will give you a code to register with but you will need to email us for the code. Transfers are good to use for one calendar year and can only be used once per entry fee paid. Email: racedirector@destinationtrailrun.com

How to Transfer to Another Event: 
  • Email the Race Director at least 4 weeks before the event you cannot attend. Email: Racedirector@destinationtrailrun.com
  • Keep in mind a transfer to another race is only good to use once, so if you decide not to do a race you transferred into then you will forfeit your transfer entry
  • We cannot add you to an event of your choice until that event opens its registration. 
We do not offer refunds on preordered merchandise. You may pick up your merchandise at the race. We do not mail items. Please note this before ordering. If you preorder you are agreeing to take a chance that you will not be present to pick yours up and will thus forfeit it. If you email us we can likely bring it to another DT event for you. To request this, please email: Volunteer@destinationtrailrun.com

I didn't inform you soon enough that I wasn't able to attend an event I signed up for, any other way to get a discounted or free entry?
If you would like to earn free/discounted entry into a race, you may contact us ahead of time about volunteering or bringing a volunteer to a race.  Because we have limited volunteer positions, you will need to set up the volunteering with us ahead of time to get free entry. No discounted entry offered after the fact if you didn't set up with the Volunteer Coordinator. Email our volunteer coordinator for more information at Volunteer@destinationtrailrun.com 

We do allow dogs and want to continue to allow dogs so we do have some rules about bringing your best friend. A few things to note if considering bringing your dog: 
  • Dogs must be on leash at all times on course
  • Dogs must be on leash at all times at Moran State Park (location of the race)
  • We cannot allow dogs in the bunk cabins for the Orcas Island Trail Races er park rules. They are allowed for camping.
  • Runners with dogs must yield right of way to other participants and trail users as needed
  • Runners with dogs should not be wearing headphones and must keep their dog under control at all times
  • Aggressive dogs are not allowed
  • If an participant breaks these rules the are subject to disqualification