Series Standings

We are using ultrasignup to score the series this year.  Scroll down to read the series rules and learn about the awards.  Still have questions?  Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

See you results here: 2017 Series Standings


Top 3 Men (with points)
  1. Hank Stoever 375
  2. Samuel Larkin 334
  3. Tim Schafermeyer 314

Top 3 Women (with points)
  1. Alicia Jenkins 350
  2. Angela Memory 339
  3. Ali Riecke 312


0-19 Tyler McCuistion 267                               
20-29 Travis Cox 309                              
30-39 Dale Nelsen 226                           
40-49 Matt Hula 272                                
50-59 David Bourey 270                         
60+ James Willson 143                           

0-19 Audrey Taber 128  
20-29 Amelia Bethke 290
30-39 Nicole Vander Wiele 274
40-49 Laura Fields 179   
50-59 Mary Geddes 269
60+ Lois Peterson 240

Series Finishers (Finished all races in the series, all 5)

  1. Hank Stoever
  2. Matt Hula
  3. David Bourey
  4. Tyler McCuistion
  5. Justin McCuistion
  6. Sam Ashlock
  7. Lois Peterson
  8. Kristen Hannon
  9. Ken Dam

2014 Series Points:
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2013 series
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2012 Series
Overall and Age Group
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2013 Series
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2012 Series
Overall and Age Group
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All five BTRS races and each distance within that race qualify you to score in the series, your best 4 points scores (races) at the end of the series will determine your place in your age group and overall.  Overall winners are not eligible for age group awards.  All races, regardless of their distance, are scored with the same number of pointsThe scoring does not favor long distance runners over short distance runners.  The first male and female finishers get 100 points.  The closer you are to the winner's time, the higher the points you receive.  Men and women are scored separately. To learn more about why we score the series the way we do, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

* Please note that winning the series is not about being the fastest runner or the best athlete, it is about how many series races you run and how you score in each race.  It is about having solid results for multiple races.  Because only your top 4 races are scored, runners can often improve their scores by running more races and improving their finish time in relation to the winner.

*Additionally, we recognize winners in each race by giving awards to the 1st place man and the 1st place 3 male and female finishers.

In the case of a tie in the series age group or overall, here are the tie breakers in the sequence they will be used: 
1. The points from each runner's 5th race (if they did 5 or more races) will be added to their total.  If runners are still tied, move to #2
2. Whomever scores higher at the final series race.  Still tied?  Move to #3
3. Coin Toss

Awards for overall winners (male and female):
  • Free entry in the BTRS in 2015
  • Artistic, locally made medal
  • Prizes from our sponsors
Awards for Age Group Winners:
  • Artistic, locally made medal
  • Prizes from our sponsors
Award for people who do all the races in the series:
  •   Artistic, locally made medals
Age categories are as follows:
 0-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+

Awards for each race: Top 3 men and top 3 women in each race receive medals. - See more at: