Volunteer/Discounted Entry

Want to save money on race entry fees?

Volunteering can earn you free/discounted race entries. We often gift our volunteers with race entries or discounts for their help volunteering. Volunteering does not automatically earn you a discount.

  • Email our Volunteer Coordinator at Volunteer@destinationtrailrun.com with the following info: 1. your name/volunteer name 2. Your Email 3. Your phone number 4. Race you'd like to help out at 5. Please let our coordinator know the times/days you/your volunteer are available
  • Our coordinator will give you a list of positions that are open
  • Once your volunteering is complete, you may receive a discount. Discounts are not given BEFORE volunteering is complete. You must volunteer first.
  • Volunteering at Fragrance Lake, Orcas Island Races, Deception Pass or any other BTRS races can earn you reduced entry to another BTRS race. There are no discounts from volunteering for our BTRS races for our 200 mile races. Discounts for volunteering at 200 mile races can only be earned by organizing an aid station at a 200 miler. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator for more details. 
  • You may bring a volunteer who can earn you entry while you race. This needs to be set up at least 1 day in advance of the race. Please specify if this is the option you are choosing.
  • Discounts are not automatically given for volunteering. You must set up volunteering with the coordinator in advance. Discounts are gifts given to volunteers as a thank you for their help.
  • Please discuss with the coordinator what race you are interested in running at a discount. Some races help and volunteering do not qualify you to get discounted entry so be sure to check ahead of time.
  • Volunteers for races that help at races/runs that are fewer than 70 miles in length (Fragrance Lake, Deception Pass, Orcas Island Races, etc) do not receive gifts of discounts toward 100k or longer races (200 milers, etc). 
  • No discounts for 200 mile races are given for help at Destination Trail Events unless Volunteer organizes an aid station at a 200 mile race, is on site at said station for the entire time of station being open and provides a minimum number of volunteers for that station (as specified by Coordinator and Organization), transports all supplies and participants to station as well as meeting other obligations. For more information on this option, please email our Coordinator.
  • Volunteer discounts are good for just 1 calendar year from time of Volunteering/gift given. After 1 year of non-use of volunteering credits, you forfeit your discount/gift of entry for volunteering. 
  • Discounts for race entries are our way of thanking our volunteers and are not automatically given for volunteering and are not given to everyone
  • Discounts are given at the discretion of the race organization and may be revoked or refused at any time and for any reason
  • You may bring a volunteer who can help while you race. This needs to be set up at least 1 day in advance of the race 
  • Discounts are gifts for the volunteer to use and are non-transferrable (unless set up in advance of race) 
  • Any exceptions to these rules must be cleared by the race organization in advance of Volunteering
  • Larger discounts are given for longer times volunteering, for example, if you help for a full day you will receive a bigger discount than if you help for just a few hours.